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Preacher Chords - Organ

Preacher Chords (Play It ORGANized Series 2) Includes:

  • OVER 2 Hours of (COMBINED) 1080p HD Video Footage (3.4gb download)
  • ADVANCED “Preacher” Chords in ALL 12 Keys (Each w/ Slow Motion Breakdowns)
  • No Special Software Needed for Slow Motion Videos
  • MIDI Files (Dual-Layered from Keyboard and Foot Pedals)
  • 36 BONUS “Preacher” Tracks (for ALL 12 Keys) to practice with!!!
  • 3 BONUS FOOTAGE Videos
  • *Designed for Chords, Progressions, and “Licks” Analysis
  • **Designed for an Intermediate to Advanced Player
  • ***For Device Compatibility & Product Questions,
    please visit our SUPPORT page