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The intro $2-$5 fee covers only half of the fees that we are charged from our authorization vendor to send you the song files, and royalties sent to the original artists so that they are compensated fairly.  Our music tools were created to aide and help you & your music group learn songs quicker and make the live performance an enjoyable experience – ultimately, changing the hearts and lives of those listening to you.

We also ask that you support the original artists and their publishing companies by purchasing their albums on iTunes, Amazon or wherever you can find their musical projects.  We, unfortunately, live in a society that promotes the LOVE for good music but, unfortunately, there are some who never support the artist who work very hard to produce such wonderful albums. 

Our music tools contain NO PART of the original recording, and is nothing more than an in-depth analysis and aide for others to prepare and learn awesome music!!!  If you are the original artist/publishing co. we’ve obtained licensing, sent royalty payments and will continue to do so…if that’s not enough and you’d like to be removed from this website which was created to help others, feel free to contact us ( and we will remove all iTunes, Amazon and any other advertisements, promotions, and learning tools concerning your music.