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FREE Loop Community

FREE Drum Loops/Samples Ver. 1 INCLUDES:

  • 209 Drum Loops
  • 195 Drum Samples

Special thanks to the Version 1 Drum Sample Contributors: Anthony Sam Peezy Avery, Dominick White, Josh Riggins, Junior Lee, Justin Moore, Kenny Pratt, Kevin “KC” Conley, Kory Guy, Oluwajoba Odesanya, Stephano Buchanan

Special thanks to the Version 1 Drum Loop Contributors: Absalom Peek (Absolute Hitz), Anthony Bruton, Brandon Williams, Chris Prufling (, Chris Tiner, Dominick White, Dre Jones, E Katrina Lewis, Fred Tate II, Joseph Harris, Kevin “KC” Conley, Kell Bailey, Kory Guy, Matthew Goldston, Mikaele Taitusi, Norman Jones, Vikesh Tailor Dea